15 to 24 Year Olds are “Highly Receptive” to Direct Mail

According to Experian’s latest research, those aged between 15 and 24 are “highly receptive” to direct mail.Young People

This younger generation are the demographic second most responsive to it, after those aged 65 and above.

The study claims that, although those aged between 15 and 24 spend much time on the internet, they still have a greater tendency to buy items in shops, as opposed to ordering online.

Experian says this is due to teenagers having a “want it now” attitude. However, another explanation could be that teenagers have less access to credit or debit cards than the older respondents.

Nigel Wilson, managing director of marketing information services at Experian, said: “Younger UK consumers will engage with offline and online channels not only to get the best price, but also get their hands on the products as quickly as possible after purchase.

“After researching items and price comparisons on the internet, they will then purchase from the high street rather than wait for delivery.

“This really emphasises the rise of the ‘I want it now generation’, who use a cross-channel approach to optimise their purchasing experience.”