The Challenge Of Marketing To A Segmented Audience

The options and mediums available for marketing one’s product or service have never been more diverse or complex than they are today. And as more and more consumers turn to mobile technology for their everyday needs, advertisers have also had to adjust their marketing efforts based upon this changing behavior.

By its very nature, the needs, experiences, and expectations of a consumer shopping from a mobile device are very much different, for instance, from those of a consumer thumbing through direct mail flyers at home. This growing segmentation of the market is forcing advertisers out of their comfort zone and to rethink their existing strategies on how best to focus on their market in a much more targeted, meaningful, and engaging manner. For many, this can be a rather steep learning curve.

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The diversity of advertising mediums today and how best to use them from a marketing standpoint is challenging enough in and of itself. Complicating the situation further of trying to understand a specific audience's needs and wants, is the ever changing and developing peripheral technologies to the medium of choice (mobile) consumers use in their "day-to-day" lives and in which a marketer may have to use to understand and engage with them.

While a promotion can be targeted to a specific market segment, such as just mobile customers, an advertiser always has the option of broadening the reach of their campaign by targeting some or all segments of their market.

Instead for example of opting for strictly a direct mail campaign, as a given market segment may dictate (based on such factors such as age, gender, etc), they may decide to push out email and mobile call-to-actions, social media blasts, as well as print advertising. Of course it has to make sense to do so, and if done correctly, targeting (and I use that term loosely here) with a consistent message or theme across all marketing channels can be rewarding.

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For the small business owner, embracing the challenges of today’s many marketing channels, traditional and non-traditional, and being able to understand and segment their particular audience can seem very daunting. All is not lost however. Unlike the days of old, there are now a vast number of free resources, how-to guides, and "lessons learned" that are readily available for those new to the marketing-your-business sphere and that wish to proceed out on their own. As long as one is diligent, methodical, and willing to put the time in to both understand the customer's habits and the marketing mediums to engage them, the "do-it-yourselfer" should not steer too far wrong.

The ability to focus on specific marketing and advertising goals while embracing technological changes can light a real spark for small business owners that dream of building their business. From the mobile consumer shopping from their smart phone to the customer reading newspaper inserts at home (yes, they still exist), all offer advertisers a captive audience. The exciting challenge is being able to target their specific needs in a profitable, measurable and fulfilling way.

Of course, if you feel like you are in over your head, feel free to reach out to us by whatever means you feel most comfortable with. We will be more than happy to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have. No obligation, just a conversation!