7 Reasons Your SMS Marketing Is Under-Performing

As you probably know by now, SMS marketing is an amazing tool for any business to utilize in order to grow their customer base tenfold.

In as easy as 1, 2, 3, any business owner is capable of using multiple SMS marketing tools to better their customer retention quickly and effectively.

Some businesses, however, have dabbled in SMS marketing and have received underwhelming results.

These business owners are more likely to blame the SMS marketing field for their lacking results, but the truth is there is a way to perfect your marketing skills so that your campaign yields the most optimal results in the long run.

Here are 7 reasons your SMS marketing is under-performing and how you can fix the problem.

1. Timing is everything
One of the biggest factors in SMS marketing is timing. Not only does timing effect the overall success of your campaign, but it also lets your consumers know if you are a considerate human being or not.

Early morning and late night texts are never welcomed with open arms, even in the personal text messaging world. Keep that in mind the next time you’re thinking about sending out a SMS burst at 3 in the morning.

2. Quality over quantity
It’s never fun to be bombarded with text messages on a daily basis, especially when those text messages are trying to push you into buying something.

Don't get me wrong, you can send out special offers and coupons to consumers as much as you want. Just keep in mind that there is a way to promote yourself tastefully.

Simply put, don't over do it. Try and stick to the golden rule of one text blast per day. Your customers will appreciate the communication without feeling like they're being overwhelmed at the same time.

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3. Word your messages wisely
Remaining professional and maintaining an intellectual tone within your messages being sent out is a major key in terms of SMS marketing.

Withholding from using inappropriate or offensive language in your burst messages will allow for a more successful campaign altogether.

4. Don’t be predictable
Variety is the spice of life! Changing it up from time to time never hurts in the field of marketing. People generally appreciate some creativity and diversity, especially when it comes to advertisements.

Not only should you express creativity within your burst messages, but you should also change up what you’re sending out to your customers.

Updates, coupons, or even notifications about your business are just a few examples of things you could be sending out to your clients.

5. Build your client list carefully
It takes a long time to build up a client list on a larger scale. It can take weeks or even months to grow a list of contacts for your SMS campaigns.

The trick with this is to stay patient. Don’t purchase a list of contacts to send your burst messages out to from a third party source because, odds are, the leads will be stale.

Build up your customer list the old fashioned way and do it yourself. It may take some time, but it will be worth it in the grand scheme of things!

6. Introduce yourself in EVERY text
One of the biggest mistakes people make in the field of text message marketing is omitting who they are and what they are promoting in each and every text they send out.

You may think that once you’ve introduced your business or product to consumers in your first message that you don't have to in your future messages, but think again.

Truth is, you should always assume that your customer doesn’t know everything there is to know about your business or product.

Make it a point to introduce who you are and what your promoting in every single text message you send out.

7. Don’t give up!
The most important thing to remember in the field of SMS marketing is that it’s a game of trial and error.

If your first campaign didn’t go according to plan, try and learn from the mistakes you made in order to improve on your next one.

Overall, the more you practice the better you will get at it. So keep sending out campaigns and you will receive the successful results you truly deserve in no time!