Should you use Instagram or Pinterest as part of your Business Social Media Content Strategy?

In today's marketing landscape, no one is questioning whether or not social media should play a role in a company's overall strategy. Social media marketing can be what makes or breaks a company. Those who do well on social media tend to see an uptick in sales, while those who put no effort into their social media presence simply cannot compete.

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While most people understand that Twitter and Facebook are essential if a company wants to have a good business social media presence, Instagram and Pinterest tend to be the two platforms that confound marketers. To help you figure out how you can use these platforms for digital marketing success, here's everything you need to know about content strategy and business social media on these two platforms.

The Image Sharing Star

Instagram, also called "Insta," was once considered to be a "take it or leave it" platform by marketers, but that perception is quickly disappearing. While initially dismissed as a silly platform used by teen girls to share selfies, Insta is becoming cornerstone to any strong social media campaign.

Insta allows users to upload photos along with descriptions. These photos can be liked or shared, similar to status updates on Facebook and Twitter. One of the drawbacks to Insta is that links cannot be shared in these posts. While users are permitted to post a single website link in their overall page bio, individual links are not allowed. Furthermore, users who try to find a way to sneak links in using spaces or numbers risk banishment from the platform.

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This makes Insta subpar when it comes to trying to increase website clicks. However, it's a powerful platform for building brand awareness. Insta users can be rather voracious and tend to check their profiles multiple times a day. When you grow on Insta, you grow your brand. The companies that tend to do extremely well on this platform are brands with a lot of visual appeal, such as makeup companies. It's also essential if you're targeting the youth demographic, as users skew young.

The Competition

Don't be surprised if you didn't hear Pinterest, often shortened to "Pin," mentioned at the last digital marketing seminar you attended. Pin is downright mystifying to even the most veteran of online marketers. However, it's important to remember that Google loves Pin for search results. Because it allows for longer text posts, smart marketers can use it to push keywords. Unlike Insta, Pin allows for links, which makes it a useful tool for driving more users to your website or blog.

Pin has some pitfalls, though. Unlike most social media platforms, Pin requires users to log in to view content. While anyone can view a user's Instagram or Twitter page, Pin only allows users to sample one or two posts before requiring one to register and sign in to the platform. This is one of the reasons why marketers can be so allergic to including Pin in their overall digital marketing campaign. If only a small segment of internet users are registered on Pin, then the platform can feel like a waste of time and energy.

While this pitfall can be irritating, it's important to remember that Pin users are deeply invested in the platform. Users like Pin because of the abundance of advice and tutorials. Companies that aim to solve a problem, such as weight loss products, do extremely well on Pin by promoting "how to" guides and tutorials. Pin might be the dark horse in the social media landscape, but don't underestimate it. When used correctly, it can be a highly useful platform for marketers.

Deciding Between The Two

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Ideally, you shouldn't decide between Pin and Insta, but rather incorporate both into an overall digital content strategy. Remember, diversification is crucial when you're talking about building an online brand. If you put all of your eggs in the Twitter basket, you're missing out on those Facebook users who could have converted to real paying customers. If you put all of your energy into Insta, you could be missing out on a potential goldmine on Pin.

However, you don't always have the time to put equal effort into all platforms. When it comes down to it, most companies would do best with an Insta-heavy campaign with a small Pin presence as well. However, those companies with products that are designed to solve a consumer problem should absolutely put a lot of energy into their Pin presence. Pin users are looking for tutorials and solutions and your brand might be just what they need.

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