Cheap Web Design Will Cost Your Business

Making a website has become commonplace for businesses and individuals alike today. With countless website-building platforms and free services, it is no wonder that so many websites are popping up in all markets and industries. Before settling for a cheap and improperly formatted website, keep in mind that your online presence is often the first and only opportunity you have to make a positive and lasting impression on prospective customers. Understanding how cheap web design may cost you your business is essential when you are seeking a redesigned look for your site and if you are interested in rebranding your entire presence.

Miss Potential Opportunities With a Cheap and Outdated Website

Simply having a basic website is no longer viable in an ever-changing online landscape. Websites that are cheaply designed and coded appear janky, outdated, and unreliable for users who are familiar with scrolling social media and viewing hundreds, if not thousands of ads each day. When a website appears outdated and simply unappealing, you are likely missing out on an opportunity to attract new customers and gain referrals from those who have a genuine interest in learning more about your business. Outdated websites that are poorly coded are also less likely to properly load when utilizing mobile smartphones and other tablet devices.

The Evolution of Design

While simplistic websites worked well in the past, they are no longer viewed as professional by most users who frequent the internet each day. The evolution of design has lead to an increase in design knowledge even in those who do not work in the field themselves. With millions of users having access to professionally designed websites and social media platforms each day, unprofessional and cheap website design can quickly turn them off and away. Even if you are unfamiliar with professional design techniques, it is imperative that your brand appear modern and updated.

Your Website Needs an Objective

Whether it's measured by leads and inquiries, informational, or transactional, every website has an objective. Without a set objective in place for your website, your visitors are likely to feel confused and unsure of the overall purpose of the site itself. If you are looking to sell products, launching an eCommerce site or system of your own is essential. When you want to attract leads to contact you, you must provide the methods for prospective clients to do so on your website. If your website does not have a solid objective in place it becomes increasingly difficult to generate traffic and interest in the types of products, services, and brands you represent.

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Your Website Can Make and Break Your Online Reputation

Building an online reputation is a key element to keep in mind when launching a website and a presence for your business and brand. Creating a positive reputation for a business is not always possible overnight, which is why it is essential to maintain an appealing and updated website at all times. Your website is your online branch office, your 24/7 service center, and it needs to be the very best ambassador and salesperson you've ever had. If you want visitors to make a purchase from you, present them with a website that is relevant to your business and meshes well with the branding you have implemented into your logo and color scheme. An appealing website is imperative for businesses today, especially if you represent a highly competitive market and industry.

Mobile Browsing is Expanding

In the past, most internet users used traditional internet browsers on desktop computers. Today, mobile browsing and browsing online with the use of tablets and other devices has skyrocketed. Ensuring your website is mobile-friendly and responsive is essential to avoid missing out on the potential opportunity to generate new sales and leads from your online visitors. Without a mobile-friendly and responsive website, you run the risk of alienating an entire audience of users who may never visit your site again.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate of a website represents the percentage of users who visit your website's homepage and leave without viewing additional pages. Websites with bounce rates higher than 50% are less likely to generate sales while captivating their audience. Cheap web design, free web hosts, and outdated styles all lead to higher bounce rates, regardless of the quality of the products and services you want to share. A well-designed website is capable of maintaining the interest of users while also providing clean and clear navigation options without issues. Without proper navigation and layout, users are unable to determine the best method to access more information about your brand and the products you represent.

We help to craft and build websites that are sleek, professional, and on message with any brand we represent. Whether your goal is to generate new client leads, sales, or to simply spread the message of your brand, we have you covered. Contact our digital agency to learn more about how to invest in your digital success and how we can create a professional website design that is just right for you and your business.

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